Has God called you to start a Christian School–but not just any Christian school?

Parents and educators partner to provide high-quality and Christ-centered  education for their children

The University-Model® offers a unique educational experience that blends the best attributes of traditional five-day models and homeschooling.

An Answer to Prayer

For many parents and other potential founders who are unable to open an independent Christian school on their own, the new NAUMS, Inc. School in a Box™ Affiliate School program is an answer to prayer.

Oftentimes, new school prospects come to NAUMS, Inc. with an unquestioned call from God, but they feel overwhelmed by the legal, financial, academic, logistical, and other aspects of starting a school from scratch. The new School in a Box™ Affiliate School program provides parents and others the opportunity start University-Model® schools in their communities without reinventing the wheel. Under this program, NAUMS, Inc.’s status as an established 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation will provide the legal umbrella, and the ministry’s more than two decades of experience and extensive bank of resources will undergird and support start-up schools.

We make it easy

It’s All in the Box

School in a Box™ Affiliate Schools will be eligible for the training and mentoring provided by the Board of Trustees and staff of the Cognia-accredited NAUMS, Inc. organization.

The founders and employees of School in a Box™ Affiliate Schools will be employed by NAUMS, Inc. and each Affiliate School will be under the complete supervision of NAUMS Inc. 

Become Effective

NAUMS, Inc. staff provide extensive professional educational experience in best education practices, trademark protection, and quality standards to all School in a Box™ Affiliate Schools.

Obtain Accreditation

One of NAUMS, Inc.’s primary goals is for every new school to become a NAUMS, Inc. Certified University-Model® school and achieve Cognia school accreditation within the first few years of opening.

Avoid the Learning Curve

NAUMS, Inc. provides all back-office operations, consulting, and training for starting, maintaining, and sustaining the Affiliate School. 

Minimize Risks

Centralized leadership, decision-making, and time-tested procedures, minimizes the risks associated with trial and error.

The University-Model® School in a Box™ Program (UM-SiaB) is wholly owned by NAUMS, Inc., Venus, TX, and provides an all-inclusive, turn-key package of resources, training, and guidance for family groups interested in establishing a University-Model® school in their local communities within a minimal time frame and with the least amount of up-front expenses. UM-SiaB leverages the extensive professional educational experience of the NAUMS, Inc. staff, trademark protection, best education practices, quality standards, centralized leadership and decision-making, time-tested procedures, and backroom functionality so that local school founders, administrators, and teachers may concentrate on fund development and the daily operations and activities of the school.

The first Affiliate School is scheduled to open in North Carolina during the fall of 2024 as a pilot or “Test” school. Starting in North Carolina, parents can receive support for private school tuition, as authorized by the state legislature. Once this school proves successful, NAUMS, Inc. will implement a plan to replicate the model in Affiliate Schools across the nation.

Program History

The NAUMS, Inc. Board of Trustees and staff are grateful to the individuals and organizations who embraced this vision and donated to the School in a Box™ program in May and June of 2022. NAUMS, Inc. received a major donation of $50,000 on June 7, 2022. Further, the Board and staff are equally grateful to those visionaries who joined NAUMS, Inc. on May 23, 2023, and began the extensive training required to open the first Affiliate School under the School in a Box™ program during fall 2024. University-Model® school training began June 1, 2023, and will continue through the first semester of SY 2024-2025, culminating with the opening of the first Affiliate School and leading to NAUMS, Inc. initial certification and ultimately to Cognia school accreditation during the school year 2025-2026.