The first University-Model® (UM) school opened in 1993 with the vision of helping parents prepare college-worthy, character-witnesses of Christ for the next generation. Today, there are more than eighty University-Model® schools and groups that comprise the growing membership of NAUMS, Inc. and the school association University-Model® Schools International (UMSI).

NAUMS, Inc. exists to take this unique Kingdom model of education to the world. More than an incorporation of Christian schools and more than a network of Christian ministries to families through schools, UMSI is an educational community of Christ-followers, called together by God’s grace to make disciples by partnering with Christian parents in a manner beyond what can be done in traditional schools.

NAUMS, Inc. establishes and supports local UM communities by imparting the vision, values, standards, systems, and organizational structures of the University-Model® in order to accomplish two foundational principles.

  1. To preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationship, and
  2. To offer Christian students the opportunity to achieve a high degree of academic excellence.

Guided by these objectives, NAUMS, Inc. equips the founders of new schools and supports the leaders of existing schools in the pursuit of academic excellence and quality instruction, established and lived out in the context of authentic Christian communities.

The identity and integrity of this educational model are protected by the trademark “University-Model®”. This trademark, approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2002, protect the nomenclature and all intellectual property of the corporation, including products, materials, the book Character-Driven College Preparation, and all other verbiage that is the property of the corporation. Derivatives of the trademark University-Model® are also exclusively the property of NAUMS, Inc. (i.e., “college-model”, “university school”, “university-style”, etc.)  

Anyone who wishes to implement a UM school must join NAUMS, Inc. by completing, signing, and submitting an appropriate member agreement.

Benefits to NAUMS, Inc. Membership

Only schools who are active members of NAUMS, Inc. can authentically call themselves “University-Model®” and receive support specifically designed for the University-Model® of education.


  • NAUMS, Inc. Trademark University-Model®
  • NAUMS, Inc. Certification Standards linked to trademark
  • NAUMS, Inc. Certification a precursor to school accreditation

Professional Services

Consultation in the following areas:

  • Classical/Traditional
  • Finance
  • Tuition/Salaries
  • Business Practices
  • Fund Development
  • Legal Questions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Spiritual Formation
  • School Events
  • Student Activities
  • School Administration/ Governance
  • Promotion/Marketing


  • Administrative Mentoring Program
  • Administrative Forums
  • REPS Visits
  • Job Postings
  • UMSI Member Site
  • Perspectives Blog
  • Student Assessment Services

Professional Development

  • National and regional conferences and workshops
  • Live Streaming
  • Webinars
  • New School Workshop
  • UM Visionary Board Training
  • John Carver Governance Training
  • Leadership/Teacher Training
  • Preceptor Parent Training

Networking Opportunities

  • Regional Communication Groups
  • Regional Representatives
  • School tours/Phone conferences
  • Round table discussions
  • Discovery Dinners

Onsite Services

  • Board Training
  • Fund Development Training for Boards
  • Speakers for: Parent Information Meetings, Parent Education Workshops, Commencement Ceremonies, etc.
  • Preceptor Training Program for parents

Research & Development

  • NAUMS, Inc. Annual Statistical Survey Report
  • Custom-designed surveys
  • Best educational practices/trends

NAUMS, Inc. Products

  • Character-Driven College Preparation by Dr. John W. Turner, Jr.
  • Promotional Video
  • New School Development Manual
  • Sample School Board Manual
  • Parent Orientation Modules
  • Spiritual Development Modules
  • Videos of past UMSI Summits

Stakeholder Service Opportunities

  • Serve on certification and/or accreditation teams
  • Present at regional or national conferences and workshops
  • Webinar presentations
  • Participate in NAUMS, Inc. Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Provide support to sister schools

Student Opportunities

  • Summer camps with NAUMS, Inc. partner organizations
  • Venture Off
  • Student mission trips