To build dynamic University-Model® school communities  worldwide.

NAUMS, Inc. exists to help parents and others start University-Model® schools in their communities, while supporting existing UM schools with training, resources, onsite visits, school certification and accreditation.

Biblical Mandate

“Impress them (God’s commandments) on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Parents, not the state, are primarily responsible for the academic, moral, and spiritual education of their children. Parents can delegate that responsibility to different agencies to help them get the job done, but the ultimate responsibility for the children’s education belongs to the parents. Deuteronomy 6 also suggests that educating our children should naturally arise out of the normal ebb and flow of a day: when we sit at home, when we lie down, when we get up, and so on. It is not formal; it is natural. Parents, in a sense, are always teaching, always modeling, and always explaining things while their children are with them at home. When the UM school partners with parents and parents supervise their children’s education at home on satellite days, the University-Model® school affirms this Biblical mandate.

Biblical Worldview

On an intellectual level, a worldview is a way of thinking or perceiving the world. It has been defined as a lens, a framework, or a set of presuppositions about basic questions of reality—Is there a God? What is the nature of the universe? Who is man?—and so on. Worldviews can be personal (the unconscious heart assumptions that guide our daily choices and actions) or formal (theistic, humanistic, naturalistic, and so on). They permeate every sphere of public and private life: art, music, media and entertainment, government, business, the family, our educational institutions, and even the church.

A Christian worldview is much more than an intellectual stance, a perspective on the world, a body of knowledge or ideas; it involves the whole person—body, soul, and spirit. With it, thinking is wedded to being, information is connected to action, and worldview instruction addresses not only what one knows but also what one loves or ought to love. A Christian worldview requires not just new information, but a complete transformation of the mind and heart—a new person.

Students in University-Model® schools learn how to think and be according to a biblical worldview framework anchored in the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of Truth, and God’s Word. They not only discern faulty worldviews found in contemporary culture, but also be able to defend courageously and champion boldly Kingdom ways of thinking and being in the competitive and often combative secular marketplace of ideas.